A Tiny Kylo Ren Got An Adorable Surprise At Walt Disney World

Disney’s theme park character actors are noted for getting deep into character. Just ask the man who challenged Gaston to a push-up contest and found himself losing. Still, it’s most notable when they make a little kid’s day, and the two Stormtroopers in the above video did just that.

The video features a little boy in a Kylo Ren costume approached by two Stormtroopers, who lead him around the Star Wars complex, clearing crowds out of the way for him, taking him to the front of the line on a ride, and just generally making the kid’s day. It’s incredibly cute, of course, and the kid was likely more grateful than the whiny original would be for it.

Star Wars is a big deal to Disney’s theme park business. They have ambitious plans for Star Wars Lands across all their theme parks, which is unprecedented in the franchise’s history, and the company’s even adding touches of Indiana Jones here and there. It’s easy for adult fans to forget that there’s an entire new generation of kids discovering the joys of a galaxy far, far away. And they’re lucky, really: They get The Force Awakens instead of the prequels.