The Latest ‘The Lego Movie’ Trailer Takes It To ‘Man Of Steel’

02.03.14 4 years ago 4 Comments


We’ve seen plenty of Batman The Lego Movie clips, but Superman’s going to be in the movie too! Played by Channing Tatum no less! So, where’s the Superman stuff? Well, ask and ye shall receive, because they latest The Lego Movie trailer is basically a friendly skewering of Man of Steel.

Check the trailer out below…

What the hell, here’s some more videos. You can never have too many Lego Movie videos! This one features Jonah Hill’s Green Lantern.

And here’s The Lego Movie’s Super Bowl spot — or rather, their Puppy Bowl spot.

The Lego Movie arrives this Friday!

via First Showing & Bleeding Cool here & here

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