DC’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Casts Its Hawkman

falk hentschel hawkman
Getty Image

It was probably inevitable after casting Hawkgirl that Hawkman was at least going to come up. But it turns out he’ll be appearing onscreen, and we’ll be seeing a lot of him.

First off, we’ll be going the “Egyptian reincarnated as white guy” route for Hawkman, and he’ll be played by Falk Hentschel, probably best known around here as Whiplash on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and one of the Hot Cops from Arrested Development. Carter Hall isn’t going to just be a cameo, however; he’s going to get his own crossover episodes on Arrow and The Flash before he jumps over to Legends of Tomorrow. He may also have something to do with the return of fan favorite Caity Lotz, if the IMDb is anything to go by.

We just hope the effects are up to snuff. Hawkman has a high bar to clear.

(Via Deadline)