LEGO Allegedly Reveals A Huge ‘Ant-Man’ Spoiler

One problem for any Hollywood film is keeping its plot twists under wraps. This is especially true in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, full of moving parts and merchandising partners, which is why LEGO might have just accidentally revealed a major spoiler for Ant-Man. Needless to say, spoilers below. For those who don’t want to accidentally read anything, have a dancing Paul Rudd.

Okay! So, if you look at the set marked “The Final Battle,” something in particular might stand out. Namely, that the set features Yellowjacket, Ant-Man, and a second Ant-Man. Yep, according to LEGO, Hank Pym will suit up after all, and in a black-themed Ant-Man suit, no less.

Also, the set comes with a few “giant” LEGO studs, which is a nice touch. Anyway, yeah, Hank Pym. It’s not particularly clear what side he’s on, whether this is a three-way fight or he just has enough of Darren Cross’s smug face and helps out Scott. Either way, it’s certainly an interesting development, and we’ll be curious to see in July if this is a real spoiler or just LEGO having fun.

(Via Brick Fan)