Lesbians Marry and Then Get Beaten In "Secret Six". Um, Yay?

08.11.11 7 years ago

I’m a big fan of Gail Simone, have been ever since Marvel hired her for “Deadpool” and “Agent X” and then ruined them both by letting an editor curbstomp her work. Especially fun is her work on “Secret Six”, which manages to incorporate Simone’s views on comics, especially about gender, without being annoying or preachy.

Anyway, a popular plotline has been Scandal, who saw her girlfriend Knockout killed right in front of her, and then went for a redheaded stripper named Liana that looked just like her ex, because that isn’t weird at all. Then Knockout came back, which made for a lesbian triangle involving two identical redheads. The book has been teasing that for a while, and finally, Scandal bit the bullet and married…both of them.

Yep, Gail Simone included a polygamous lesbian marriage in a comic book. Then, because we needed a big fat dose of unfortunate implications, the happily married couple gets their ass kicked by the entire DCU. Uhhhhh, huh. Not sure what to take away from that.

[ via the Simone fans at The Mary Sue ]

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