Let These Links Massage Your Kitty

06.10.10 8 years ago

PICTURE: Alex Larenty gives a lion a foot massage at The Lion Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. [DailyMail]

Dick moves by movie heroes [Uproxx]

What do you mean Michael Bay isn’t allowed to blow up the White House?  Outrageous. [Filmdrunk]

Paintball with The Wire [WarmingGlow]

Geffen says he can get LeBron James for the LA Clippers. But won’t that collapse Cleveland’s economy?  It’s based on LeBron James. [WithLeather]

So . . . How About That New iPhone? [TheSmokingSection]

Alan Turing’s life would make a good movie [Pajiba]

6 influential rock albums that sound like nothing before them [Guyism]

The 10 Best Sports Feuds of All Time [BleacherReport]

Old photo reveals that newlyweds were at Disney World on the same day when they were kids [Urlesque]

Salma Hayek doesn’t like snakes, I guess.  Maybe.  Wish she wouldn’t be so vague about it. [NextRound]

“‘Deschanel going bi in comedy’ says headline which is two words too long” [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: “A sentimental short film written and directed by Nuno Rocha for LG Portugal.” [via TheAwesomer]

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