Letters To An Older Brother – Damian Wayne Asks Dick Grayson To Come Back

With the relaunch of the DC comic book universe this September, comic book fans are mourning the end of one of their favorite duos, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne as Batman and Robin.

For those of you who haven’t been following the current Batman storyline (shame on you), Grant Morrison sent Bruce Wayne back in time where he has been fighting his way to the present. In the meantime, Dick Grayson retired his Nightwing persona to take over the role as Batman with the arrogant, violent Damian Wayne, son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul, replacing Tim Drake as Robin. Initially, Damian had little respect for Dick, telling him so to his face and openly disobeying Dick’s orders. He takes the Batmobile out joyriding, attacks the Joker solo with a crowbar and almost succeeds in taking down villains only to need Grayson’s last minute rescue time and again. The slow growth, grudging friendship that develops between the two heroes as a result of these adventures was well worth the wait.

But now big daddy Batman, Bruce Wayne, is back and will reportedly be taking his son on as Robin while Dick Grayson will resume his role as Nightwing. How the chemistry will work out between these two is anyone’s guess, but Tumblr Fwips has given us an adorable imagining of Damian’s emotional arc after the departure of his only friend in a series of letters from Damian to Dick written in crayon. Check out the letters in the slideshow and go to Fwips Tumblr The Whipcream Parlor for more of his (occasionally NSFW) musings.












Image by Fwips