The Court Is Allowing Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Lawsuit To Move Forward

After years hanging around in the courts seemingly in limbo, Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games, in which she claims her likeness was stolen for the minor Grand Theft Auto V character Lacey Jonas, will officially proceed. Many thought the suit would get thrown out due to parody claims, but the New York Supreme court has dismissed them and now it’s on to the next weird stage.

Lohan has an army of doubters like Ned Luke, the actor who voiced Michael, one of the game’s three protagonists. He made his thoughts on the subject pretty clear on Twitter.

Basically, most of the Lohan-doubters believe she’s in it for the publicity and a quick payday, but maybe she doesn’t realize how monolithic Rockstar is. They won’t be going down without a fight, even if some evidence seems kinda damning.

Then again, that picture-as-proof is pretty well shot down on Reddit.

Here’s the point in GTA V in which you meet Lacey Jonas, who is a delusional drugged out actress who is hounded by the paparazzi as she contemplates all of the bad decisions in her life… Nothing like Lohan – LACEY DOESN’T HAVE FRECKLES. The judge will address the fact that the character doesn’t even look like Lindsay Lohan at a later date.

To me, Lacey doesn’t really sound like Lindsay Lohan, and this character could be an overblown parody of any Lohan-esque Hollywood actress. It doesn’t help that Lohan has had plenty of cliché moments in her life, but that’s just my two cents. The court will figure out if this is parody, satire or a complaint that’s actually valid in due time.

(Via Polygon)