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CORRECTION: Endgadget reports that this polymer film is actually a ViP Interactive Foil developed by Visual Planet.  Displax and Visual Planet have been partners in the past, but aren’t anymore.  Catfight!

Ten awesome bear anecdotes. [Gunaxin]

Bow chicka T-rex. [WarmingGlow]

An adorable guide to neuroscience. [Hug-Machine]

The new trailer for The Last Airbender is even better than the Super Bowl ad if you ask me (and you didn’t). [Filmdrunk]

Werewolves?  On the moon? [ComicsAlliance]

“They’re made out of meat” gets the short film treatment. [Unreality]

Ten things you never knew about the Brat Pack [InsideMovies]

Another parody of those google ads we posted here last year.  Do horses feel sadness? [Nextround]

VIDEOS BELOW: Sara loves swingsets [via ZanyPickle] and Ban loves to a climb a wall and sit on it like a person. [via JapanProbe]

[Banner pic via reddit]

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