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Just How Dirty Is Your Hotel Room? [UproxxNews]

Corgi Snub! In-Depth Analysis of the 2011 Puppy Bowl Lineup [WarmingGlow]

Rutger Hauer assaults audience with shotgun, Flipcam (with video) [Filmdrunk]

Video: Kanye’s “All Of The Lights” In Orchestra [TSS]

Packers Fan Fired For Zero Judgment [WithLeather]

A Look At The First MMO’s Of 2011 [G4TV]

56 Extreme Drunken Shamings [CoedMag]

Ted Williams: Human Hollywood Metaphor [Pajiba]

Shiba Inu Perplexed By iPhone [Buzzfeed]

Talking “Sheeeit” with The Wire’s Isiah Whitlock. [Filmdrunk]

‘Fight the Foot’ — Ninja Turtles Fan Film [Moviefone]

A tender, Avatar-inspired ballad about blue alien rabbits and their creepy ponytail genitals. [AdultSwim]

So this happened: Betty White Reprimands Sharon Osbourne for Scaring a Spider Monkey (VIDEO) [TVSquad]

VIDEO BELOW: “So many monkeys.”  Dude, check your pockets. [via BoingBoing]

[Inset pic via SofaPizza]

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