Another Driving Dog, A Corgi Pours Out A Cup Of Joe, And Afternoon Links

“Watch this dog drive a tractor and pull 3 wagons with kids in tow.” — HYST (Related driving dog)

1600 Penn’s Martha MacIsaac Has Seen Rick Astley Perform Live, Would Totally Punch A Cute Baby In The Face |Warming Glow|

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You Hear the One About the Married Lawyer That Was Banging His Client and Billing Her for the Sex? |Brobible|

19 Second Amendment FAILS |HuffPost Comedy|

Marlon Wayans’ Advice For Katt Williams |Urban Daily|

6 Other Famous People Who Did Not Exist |Mental Floss|

30 days. 24 cities. 10 countries. 9 Tuxedos. |High Definite|

30 of the Strangest Custom Controllers Out There |Unreality|

A scientific look at inter-species banging on Earth and on Star Trek |Fark|

Hands Off! 9 Performances That Will Make You Feel Like An Absolute Creep. |Pajiba|

Michael J. Fox On The Theoretical Romance Between Taylor Swift And His Son Sam |Buzzfeed|

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