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The Subtle Art of Announcement Video Disasters [Uproxx]

Get Buzzed With The Buzzworthy News [UproxxNews]

Bee Mystery Solved, Toddlers Online, and The Original Justin Bieber [UproxxNews]

So this exists: “Nude Nuns With Big Guns” [

Corgi FridayAAAAHHHH!!! [WarmingGlow]

The Chicago Cubs are bad with money [WithLeather]

The 6 Most Detestable People In Hollywood [Pajiba]

The 31 Best (Worst) Parenting Fails [NedHardy]

A Gallery of Beautiful Waterfalls [Uncoached]

‘The Wire’ Monopoly Really Should Exist [Unreality]

A More Elegant Bathrobe for a More Civilized Age [ToplessRobot]

Nine Lessons Learned at a Pickup Artist Summit (number one should be “herpes is forever”) [TSJ]

“Slave Leia no longer the hottest Star Wars Halloween costume. Behold: Sexy Wookie” [Fark]

Rave Dog still makes me laugh [ForkParty]

VIDEO BELOW: Jesse the dog performs useful tricks [via B&P]

[Banner pic via Reddit, inset pic via Buzzfeed]

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