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Totally legit.

An A-Z Guide To Endangered Animals And The A-Holes Who Keep Killing Them [Uproxx]

Helping Orangutans Get Some Nookie: Our Highest Calling? [

This guy is the last page in the Big Book of British Smiles. [WarmingGlow]

Junior Seau shouldn’t let Toonces drive [WithLeather]

Kanye’s banned album cover (possibly NSFW) [TSS]

Jackass 3D had the biggest fall box office opening ever [Filmdrunk]

Proposed Resolutions for the MC Hammer vs. Jay-Z Feud [TSJ]

The Ten Best TV Episodes of the Week [Pajiba]

21 Amazing Beatles Covers [Gunaxin]

50 Bad Ideas for Comic-Inspired Halloween Costumes [UGO]

Markorepairs – The Timeless YouTube Videos of Finland’s New Weirdest Vlogger [Urlesque]

Banner pic source: “That Guy with the Creepy Van is Getting Creative” [CollegeHumor]

VIDEOS BELOW: Wait for it . . . (Fake, but who cares?) [via TDW] and Anderson Cooper in a bunny suit, as requested by Bonobos. Really. [also via TDW]

[Inset pic via @andersoncooper]

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