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11 People You’ll Bump Into At A Jonas Brothers Concert [Uproxx]

These people really hate The Last Airbender [Filmdrunk]

Hulu Plus. Like Hulu, but with Plus. [WarmingGlow]

Scottie Pippen needs to get his money game right. [WithLeather]

Short Film: The Gorillaz’ Journey To Plastic Beach [TheSmokingSection]

Conan responds to Larry King’s retirement [NextRound]

The 10 Best Cliffhangers On Adult Swim [AdultSwim]

Street Fighter Cats [CollegeHumor]

4chan Tries To Send Justin Bieber To North Korea [Urlesque]

Crazy World Cup outfits [Asylum]

Here’s a perfectly ordinary sentence: Bobcat Goldthwait is making a Kinks musical. [Gunaxin]

VIDEOS BELOW: This kitten is so dainty [via Arbroath] and this dog gets her own Frisbee out of a tree [via TheDailyWhat, also the source of the banner pic]

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