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Of course Space Invaders will be a movie. [Filmdrunk]

News team demonstration of a Wii game turns into a sexy party. [WarmingGlow]

The Chatroulette experiment.  Surprisingly, men on the internet would rather talk to S. Tran’s hot wife than to him. [Uproxx]

Another Uproxx Feature: finding the perfect jeans and taking care of them.  I just steal some from the neighbors’ clothesline, and that takes care of that. [Uproxx]

10 of the best female action figures.  The Harley Quinn is awesome. [ComicsAlliance]

Goalie gets totally pwned by physics during German League Soccer game. [WithLeather]

Hurley from Lost parties in the USA.  Let me see you move those hips like ‘yeah’, Hurley.  [InsideTV]

It’s a good thing the MPAA warned me about the smoking caterpillar.  I would have been scarred for life if I had seen something interesting.  [InsideMovies]

VIDEO BELOW: Super-slow motion dogs catching treats. [via CollegeHumor]

[Banner pic by John Karpinsky]

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