Liveblog: ‘Arrow’ Plays With ‘Broken Dolls’ Tonight

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10.23.13 329 Comments


Arrow ended last episode on a cliffhanger, with Ollie surrounded by police. We speculate on how he gets out of it, and catch you up on the story so far.

Here’s an overview of the first two episodes:

  • Ollie has been forced to take over Queen Consolidated, much to the chagrin of pretty much everybody, including Ollie.
  • Felicity has been “demoted” to Ollie’s “personal assistant”, something she very reasonably did not take well. She also turns out to be a graduate of MIT, which means we will never, ever stop making beaver jokes.
  • Laurel has become stridently anti-vigilante, mostly because she thinks he didn’t do enough to save Tommy. Just to review, Tommy is the guy whose heart she took an enormous crap on by cheating on him. With Ollie. Who was his best friend. And also happens to be the guy who cheated on her with her sister. New viewers might be wondering what Ollie sees in Laurel; this is a question we’ve been asking for twenty-five episodes.
  • Also, Laurel is some form of ADA or something; the show’s actually kind of hazy on this.
  • China White, a minor comic book villain, keeps turning up as an antagonist, which is a nice touch, and she brought Bronze Tiger with her last episode.
  • Ollie’s biggest problem, though, is Alderdouche, er, Alderman Sebastian Blood, who lambastes Ollie constantly as an arrogant rich boy. Considering who he’ll turn out to be, though, we suspect there’s a bit more to it.

This episode seems largely to focus on Quentin Lance, who last season was a surprisingly effective, engaging, and funny character. Also, as he’s shown repeatedly that he’s the only guy in the Starling City Police Department effectively worth his paycheck, he has of course been demoted to beat cop. Which is kind of problem because the Dollmaker is in town, and he’s got a grudge against Quentin. You might remember the Dollmaker as “The guy who sliced the Joker’s face off” in the current DCU. Yeah, Quentin’s got some problems.

The liveblog shenanigans start promptly at 8pm EST. See you there!

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