Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Cashes In The Royal Flush Gang Tonight

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11.14.12 109 Comments

As part of our ongoing series of Arrow liveblogs, we’d like to remind you that in the comments tonight, we’ll be seeing The CW’s version of Heat with superheroes. Or at least archers.

Last episode was fairly heavy on the flashbacks and fairly light on the whining, which is always a plus and a trend that we hope continues.

We’ll be curious to see what riffs they have on the gang, which are perpetual back-benchers in the actual DCU. It’d be particularly interesting if they ran with the interpretation of the group as essentially a Mafia based around playing cards, with those involved just being an example of the gang.

It is fairly safe to say that the super-strong robot, the illusion scepter and other stuff won’t be playing a role: These guys are strictly the automatic weapons types.

We’ll be here at 8pm EST, so come on down and help us curse Thea’s whininess and root for the show to become a buddy comedy about Ollie and Diggle beating ass.

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