Liveblog Reminder: Arrow Commits A ‘Home Invasion’ Tonight

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04.24.13 157 Comments

“I’m sorry I ever apologized to you!”

Yep, Ollie and the whole Starling City crew are back this week for the last four episodes of the season. And this time, it’s personal.

Marking the third time Deadshot has popped up, apparently this will also be when Diggle gets his revenge on Ol’ One-Eye for killing his brother. And apparently there are other assassins running around, which you’d think wouldn’t be happening so often considering how many hired killers Ollie has essentially turned into pincushions.

Also, this episode features Laurel with a shotgun. No, seriously:

It also apparently will feature, at least if the preview isn’t lying, Ollie revealing his secret identity to pretty much the rest of the cast. Geez, Ollie, secret identity.

The fun starts at 8pm EST.

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