Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Delivers On ‘The Promise’ Tonight

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03.05.14 236 Comments
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Things are heating up on Arrow, with the show’s return and upcoming string of episodes you’ll want to see based on their titles. But this week appears to deal with Ollie’s not-entirely-successful attempts to not kill people. Here’s what’s happened, and what to expect.

Last week:

  • Laurel was awful. Big surprise there.
  • Felicity tried to step up her game and got shot for her trouble, meaning we kill William Tockman at midnight.
  • Sin turns out to be the daughter of some dude flying a crop duster over Flashback Island.
  • And Slade finally let Ollie know that basically nobody he thought was dead on that damn island actually died. Also Slade and Moira seem kind of into each other: Hey, the man is Crixus.

This episode is, apparently all about Flashback Island: Ollie, Slade, and Sara team up to burn down Ivo’s freighter and kick the good professor’s ass, partially because Slade apparently can’t keep his rage in check thanks to those steroids. Considering all the promotional materials around this episode seem to center around Slade being incredibly ticked off, we’re guessing this is the episode he finds out that Shado got killed by Ollie’s idiocy. That should end well!

For the current day parts, apparently it will largely be Slade macking on Moira with a dose of Roy. Also, we’re assuming the show will be setting up the next three episodes, which have the following titles: “Suicide Squad”, “Birds of Prey”, and “Deathstroke.”

And, hey, if nothing else, Slade will stop pulling all those end-of-show cameos and actually be in the current-day plot. Hooray! The shenanigans start at 8pm EST, as usual. Join us, won’t you?

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