Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Finds A ‘Blind Spot’ Tonight

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01.22.14 273 Comments


Tonight’s episode seems to have everything: Deathstroke, Brother Blood, lots of violence, and Laurel hitting rock-bottom. Here’s what’s been happening, and what to expect.

In last week’s episode, Blast Radius, we learned that:

  • Ollie continued to be a douche to Felicity, because apparently he is five.
  • Roy was outed as superhuman to Thea.
  • Laurel is still a pillhead because ugh of course. Also she discovered that, shocking, a guy with the name “Sebastian Blood” was not trustworthy! GEE, IMAGINE THAT.
  • Diggle continued to be pretty much the biggest bad-ass in the show.
  • We were denied a Firefly reunion, but at least Sean Maher is getting work.
  • And on Flashback Island, we discovered that unsurprisingly, taking supersteroids come with the attendant steroidal rage problems, courtesy of Slade.

In this week’s episode, everything is coming up not-Laurel: Her apartment gets trashed, the police figure out she’s a drug addict, and she gets arrested. Which, really, has been coming since the season premiere, even if this is the single most polite and composed breakdown due to drug addiction ever depicted on television. Maybe once this is resolved we can give Laurel a reason to even be on the show!

Meanwhile, Roy will discover the insane-rage part of his new superpower set, and, oh yeah, Deathstroke! Also, we’re 99% sure Oliver yet again tells somebody he’s Arrow, this time Quentin… and really it’s about time.

The shenanigans start tonight at 8pm EST. Join us, won’t you?

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