Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Places A Bet On ‘State Vs. Queen’ Tonight

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11.20.13 327 Comments

It's very important to attend your mother's trial with JBF hair.

Arrow sees the return of Count Vertigo tonight. Also, Ollie’s mom may fry for her part in last year’s little, er, terrorist action that caused millions in property damage and killed thousands of people. But, you know, details!

Here’s an overview of last week’s episode, ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’:

  • Ollie, Diggle and Felicity went to Russia to save Lyla, Diggle’s ex and government contact.
  • We met some skinny lady who heads up A.R.G.U.S. and claims to be Amanda Waller. We’re assuming the real Waller is hiding somewhere.
  • Deadshot was rescued from a Russian prison, and told Diggle to find H.I.V.E., the people who killed his brother.
  • Laurelbadger gleefully signed on to help prosecute Ollie’s mom, because having banged the defendant’s son is perfectly excusable if he’s really hawt according to the CW, and also she’s trying to make us forget how much we hate Thea.
  • Thea was forced to choose between her mom and Roy, and foolishly chose the one who isn’t going to be alive in a few months.
  • Ollie had a one-night stand with Summer Glau, and Felicity was apparently really bitter about it. Which is disappointing, since Felicity can do better.
  • On Flashback Island, we found out Ivo was looking for a Japanese super-soldier serum called “Miracle”, which is totally a coinkydink and has nothing to do with the Hourman series the CW is developing.

This episode will feature Moira Queen foolishly trying to win a not guilty verdict, which may actually work for some convoluted reason. In reality, compulsion isn’t much of a defense when you commit a massive act of terror, but hey, anything to give the rest of Ollie’s family something to do. In the parts of the episode we won’t make fun of as much, Count Vertigo is back and apparently now spreading his drug virally. As in, with an actual virus.

Hey, that’s what the episode summary says; we’re assuming there’s more to it than that. Either way, join us at 8pm EST for the shenanigans.

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