Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Steps In A ‘Crucible’ Tonight.

10.30.13 4 years ago 262 Comments
The guyliner and hood are really not doing it, Ollie.

The guyliner and hood are really not doing it, Ollie.

Hmmm, either Ollie’s going to be tried for witchcraft, or something really nasty is going to happen in Starling City. This being Arrow, we’re not ruling out either.

First of all, a quick recap from last week:

  • Quentin and Arrow teamed up to bag the Dollmaker in a pretty creepy episode that really played to Paul Blackthorne’s strength.
  • Laurel realized she was terrible, and Katie Cassidy did her best to salvage a really badly written monologue. Laurel is still in the running for the most annoying character, however.
  • On Flashback Island, Ollie and Slade, who is exceptionally sassy this season, have been captured on a prison boat, named the Amazo. Really.
  • Black Canary has a sidekick, and both of them are more than capable of beating Roy like a pinata. They also bumped off the Dollmaker, but that dude had it coming.
  • We learned that Black Canary and last season’s Big Bad are both tied to Ra’s Al Ghul.

Yeah, that last, in particular, caught a lot of attention. One character who was missing, though, was Sebastian Blood, who we promptly renamed Alderdouche in the comments, who turns up in tonight’s episode along with Black Canary. Here’s a minute-long scene that illustrates, amply, why he got that nickname:

Dude, the only “crucible” Ollie’s going through right now is restraining the urge to smack the Fallacy of the Golden Mean right out of your mouth. This show may not turn him into the arms-dealing d-bag that he is in the comics, but man we hope Ollie gets to punch him. We’ll likely find out tonight; join us, won’t you? The shenanigans start at 8pm EST.

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