Living the Dream in a Bouncy Castle

Entertainment Editor
05.17.10 6 Comments

Three Brits funded by LiveEveryLitre have achieved their dream of making the 5 mile (8 km) trip across Italy’s Lake Garda in a huge, inflated bouncy castle.  That’s a very specific dream.  Also fantastic.

Trainee solicitor Jack Watkins, 25, and engineers Chris Hayes, 24, and Dave Sibley, 25, all from Clapham, south London, are now the first ‘sailors’ to cross the lake on such a vessel. [Ed- You don’t say.]  “Great Britain has such a great tradition as a seafaring nation and we really feel we have played no role at all in adding to this,” admitted intrepid waterman Mr Hayes. [Metro via UniqueDaily]

The video is below.  I won’t give away all the surprises, but you don’t want to miss the part where they interrupt an international sailing regatta.  But it’s okay.  It turns out there were sailors from five different countries who all dreamed of one day being attacked by a bouncy castle.

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