Lucas Approves Star Wars Comedy Series

Entertainment Editor

Please let the At-At and Cat-Cat Show happen.

George Lucas must have chortled Jabba-like at Robot Chicken‘s take on the Star Wars universe (clip below), because Lucasfilm Animation is developing a Star Wars animated comedy TV show with Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.

I like Robot Chicken in small doses, but I’d still rather watch the At-At and Cat-Cat show.  You see, Cat-Cat is a neat freak who is neutered, and At-At is slovenly and a total whoooore, a real “tom cat” you could say!  Ahahaha.  *sigh*  Oh, network TV.  You’re so nonthreatening and soothing.  Thank you for putting laugh tracks between every sentence so I’ll know I’m watching a comedy.  OMG, is a rerun of Two and a Half Men on?  Popcorn!

[Story via TheLiveFeed, Banner pic via Fark]

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