Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’ Gets An Official Release Date, And It’s Earlier Than We Thought

Red carpets are rarely the place to pick up news about release dates. But, buried deep in the above promotional piece on Daredevil‘s second season getting the gala treatment, there’s a pretty major tidbit of news, as Mike Colter rolls out Luke Cage‘s release date.

Oddly, you won’t find it until roughly 2:25 in the video, as part of a red carpet bit with Colter. Still, he’d know, and it appears that September 30 is when Luke Cage will be introducing us to the joys of steel-hard skin and saying “Sweet Christmas!” instead of cursing. And yes, it’s a Friday, so think up your good excuses to take the day off now. Just be happy it wasn’t in November as originally planned.

One assumes that Netflix is waiting to launch the second season of Daredevil before it rolls into promoting Luke Cage, and we’ll be interested to see how Luke fares with his own series. He was a great addition to Jessica Jones, but there was quite a bit about Luke that was ultimately left unexplored. We’ll also be curious to see who else might turn up, as we could see Luke having a bit of a problem with guys like the Punisher running around his neighborhood. September really can’t come soon enough.

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