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Red Octane and Harmonix got absurdly rich off Guitar Hero, but one company didn’t fare so well.  Mad Catz had to pull out of the franchise over a lawsuit with Konami.  Mad Catz was handling the Xbox version of the game, which is why the game later released only for the Playstation 2.  Even more forehead slappy, Mad Catz paid $300,000 to get out of the Guitar Hero franchise.  Kotaku interviewed Mad Catz president and CEO Darren Richardson:

“Everyone else made hundreds of millions and we paid money to not be a part of it,” Richardson said. “It was brilliant. I come up with these strokes of genius from time to time. That was my best.”

Well, at least he admits he nuked the fridge on that one.  Most CEO’s would respond to questions about a huge mistake by firing everyone and then eating a biscuit in a large, wood-paneled room while Mozart’s Requiem booms from a wall stereo.

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