‘Man Of Steel 2’ May Only Happen If George Miller Wants It

Mad Max: Fury Road made a lot of people at Warner Bros. very happy, and they want to share their happiness with George Miller in the form of giving him more jobs. And what Miller wants might dictate what happens in the DC cinematic universe.

You might remember we reported that we might not see another Superman movie until the inevitable cycle of reboots comes back to Supes. Heroic Hollywood claims that this is ridiculous and of course DC is going to make a Man of Steel 2. Just, you know, four years from now at the very earliest and probably not even then. They’ve got a Round Tuit and everything!

Reading between the lines, it seems that Warner will give Miller pretty much anything he wants, and are kinda sorta hoping he’ll make a superhero movie: Heroic Hollywood notes Miller is also in the mix for Justice League Dark, that long-gestating movie starring every magic user DC has. If I had to guess, we’re more likely to see Miller avoid the DCU entirely. There’s already rumors of a Mad Max sequel floating about, and if Miller’s going to make a comic book movie, he’s far more likely to dip into Vertigo’s back catalog than sign on as a hired gun for a sequel to somebody else’s movie. That’s for the best: It’s hard to see Miller being very enthusiastic if he takes the job. Unless they’re willing to give him Superman, $200 million, and total creative control: That’s a Superman movie I really want to see.

(Via Heroic Hollywood)