40 ‘Man Of Steel’ GIFs To Superpower Your Morning

The trailer for Man Of Steel dropped last night, and we only had one GIF snagged at the time. The internet — Tumblr in particular — has pulled another all-nighter to bring us a bounty of excellent Man Of Steel GIFs and photoshops. That’ll do, Tumblr. That’ll do.

Continue on for 40 GIFs from disparate sources, which we tried to group in a logical way. Stay tuned till the end for a very special guest.

Thanks to Brain Confetti, Booasaur, Pinipenpen, thestarks, Julo7orres, Edgarwrights, Mercer Morrison, Lucky Gambino, and the CBM commenters for the GIFs.

Not a GIF, but the Lexcorp building (!) was spotted at 2:18 into the trailer. [via]