Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Photobombed Cara Delevingne, And One Tattooed The Other


Suicide Squad director David Ayer and his cast of DC supervillains remain adept at revealing tidbits through their Instagram pages. In particular, people can’t get enough of Margot Robbie in costume as Harley Quinn. Most members of the film’s ensemble cast are all too happy to play along with social media promotion, and they posted a few photos of some serious tattoo action going down at the hands of Will Smith (who plays Deadshot) and Robbie.

There’s no such thing as too much from this film’s cast, and Cara Delevingne (who plays the Enchantress) posted a telling photo (above) of herself tattooing someone’s foot. Could it have been her own foot? Only if she’s immensely flexible, which is possible. The best part of this photo is what’s going on in the background. Harley Quinn is performing a sneaky photobomb, and Cara is none the wiser. These Warner Bros. movies may be all too serious and gritty, but the cast knows how to enjoy each other’s company.

In the next photo, the internet’s favorite supervillainess plucks up her tattoo gun once more. This time, we can be almost certain that Cara’s foot is receiving the pain.


After all the photos we’ve seen, it would be surprising to learn that any of the cast members escaped without a “skwad” tattoo. Fortunately, there shouldn’t be any regrets because this film will do gangbusters at the box office. Robbie missed out on the Fantastic Four reboot, but those cast tattoos would be regrettable. No one wants a permanent reminder of that cinematic mess.

Jay Hernandez (El Diablo) added his own Harley Quinn parlor photo on Instagram.


Margot and Cara enjoyed each other’s time off set, too. Margot did the “Miley tongue.”


Principal photography has wrapped, so Cara posted a photo of her lovely parting gift.