Marijuana Genome Sequenced?

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08.22.11 3 Comments

There are profoundly important things that need to be achieved in the world of medicine. Cancer must be defeated. Diseases ravaging the Third World must be addressed. Leave it to a bunch of stoners to bring all this up to try and guilt trip you about your hamburger, and then go sequence marijuana’s genome because it’s weed, hee hee hee!

Medicinal Genomics, who did this, are trying to hide behind the alleged anti-cancer properties of marijuana, never mind the reason most cancer sufferers smoke marijuana is because it kills the pain and restores their appetite, which makes sequencing marijuana’s genome kind of unnecessary. It is true that understanding the genetics of marijuana is the first step towards, say, creating a fruit that offers the same effects to lung cancer patients, who probably shouldn’t smoke.

Of course, it could also be used by marijuana growers to create even more potent strains of weed, but that was the last thing on these people’s minds, we’re sure.

[ via the inhalers at Popular Science ]

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