Mark Millar Making Sequel to Elderly Wolverine

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07.01.10 2 Comments

Mark Millar recently said he started writing a sequel to the eight-issue to use his claws anymore after he is tricked by Mysterio into killing the X-Men.  He later returns to form when his family is murdered by Hulk’s grandchildren.  He vows to kill the Banner family, and is “defeated and consumed” by the Hulk.  He reforms in Hulk’s stomach, of course, and bursts out of Banner’s stomach.  Hardc0re.  The series ends with Logan riding off into the sunset carrying the last remaining member of the Banner family, the infant Bruce Banner Junior.

Here’s part of what Mark Millar posted about the sequel:

Marvel had offered me a classic book a few weeks back and when I was sitting on the plane planning to put some notes together I just couldn’t stop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the book I was offered, but the Old Man Logan sequel. It opens with this insane Spidey flashback which pretty much sets the tone. My God, it’s going to be fun to write.

Of course, it’s still got to be formally pitched to Marvel so this isn’t an announcement by any means. I’ll talk to them this week and see what they think, but the first one did so many printings of each issue. I think we averaged around 120,000 copies per book in the end and trade sales were amazing so it should be fine. [Mark Millar via BleedingCool, emphasis mine]

This news is really Kick-Ass.  You could even say Millar is The Authority on what’s Wanted by the readers.  *bike horn, trash can tipover, cat screech, formal apology*

[Inset pic via ComicBookResources]

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