01.20.10 8 years ago

Ever want to see your favorite Marvel heroines be catty in study hall? Well, you’re getting your chance as Marvel’s catering to the female comic demographic by making a miniseries, Marvel Her-Oes, featuring Marvel heroines as teens going to a non-superpowered high school. Because the best way to show strong female characters is always to make them as unsure and awkward about themselves as possible.

The miniseries will feature teen versions of The Wasp, She-Hulk, Namora, Ms. Marvel and, judging by the cover to issue #1, Valkyrie. They’ll all be attending high school together (Namora is described as a Greek exchange student and the resident “mean girl.”) I was looking forward to this (and picturing Agatha Harkness as Miss Weatherbee), until writer Grace Randolph mentioned, “This isn’t all hearts and unicorns. There’s going to be action and fighting. I think that’s important.” Is it too much to ask that they’d be fighting giant hearts and terrifying Unicorns? I think that’s what men and women both want to see.

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