‘The Hangover’ As A Horror Movie, Disney’s ‘Spring Breakers’, And Other Mashups

03.28.13 5 years ago

Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Here are all the mashup and parody videos I didn’t get a chance to cover, thrown in your face like you’re Jodie Foster working for the FBI.

In the offing for today:

  1. FIRST VIDEO: For his undergrad dissertation, Richard Scott re-cut a trailer for The Hangover as a horror movie, a feat he calls “an experimental investigation into the power of post-production techniques on a movie’s genre.” In other words, his major was way cooler than mine. [via BioTV]
  2. SECOND VIDEO: “Spring Break forever, bitch.” College Humor made a Spring Breakers trailer with Disney princesses in the roles of the bad girls. It stars SNL alum Abby Elliott as Cinderella, Amber Stevens as Jasmine, Kelen Coleman as Snow White, Galadriel Stineman as Ariel, and Paul Downs as Genie. This mashup was pretty mindblowing, but not as mindblowing as finding out Amber Stevens is Shadoe Stevens’ daughter. [via Buzzfeed]
  3. THIRD VIDEO: One Minute Galactica dubbed Star Wars footage with the Jurassic Park trailer’s audio. The result is “Jurat-At Park”, a movie we’d totally watch. [via Neatorama]
  4. FOURTH VIDEO: We’re not even going to attempt to explain “Super Spice Bros 2.” Just lean back, ingest the mushrooms of your choice, and go on a fantastic voyage with Terry Crews. [via GAS]
  5. Banner picture by Hobo Lunchbox.
  6. Inset picture via Teevil Us.

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