Meet Christina Chong, The Latest Addition To ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

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07.18.14 3 Comments
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Star Wars: Episode VII isn’t exactly short on beloved actors, what with bringing back all the cast who didn’t bite it in Return of the Jedi. But it’s also rife with new characters and actors, some of which will be annoyingly familiar without you being able to place them. And the latest is Christina Chong.

Basically, you know Chong pretty well if you watch a lot of British TV dramas or if you watched the latest series of 24. For the British, she’s been in Monroe, Line of Duty, Case Sensitive, Whitechapel, and The Wrong Mans. If you’re not familiar with the last one, and you’re a fan of 24, look it up. It’s basically what happens when two schmucks get sucked into a thriller plot, and it’s pretty funny.

This also isn’t her first SF rodeo; she was in the superb Black Mirror, guest-starred in Doctor Who and will be in Halo: Nightfall as one of the leads. As for who she’ll be playing in Star Wars: Episode VII, come on, this is Disney and J.J. Abrams, you’d have an easier time getting the formula out of a Coca-Cola executive. Even if she’s playing Sexy Janitor #8, they’re not going to tell us until they absolutely have to. But at least we know this won’t be amateur hour.

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