Meet More of the Penguin and Grundy in “Arkham City”

09.22.11 6 years ago

We knew the Penguin was going to be in the upcoming “Arkham City”. After all, if pathetic D-listers like Calendar Man were showing up to get a beatdown, surely everybody’s favorite fat umbrella fetishist was in for his beatdown.

Now we’ve got an extended trailer, and it really sums up the work Rocksteady puts into getting these things right. Just the fact that it takes place in the Iceberg Lounge should make any DC fan giggle. And, apparently Penguin is running some gladiatorial combat missions.

Then, of course, there’s Solomon Grundy. Let’s just say that he’s had some…improvements that he didn’t want and it’s made him a little grouchy.

Check out the trailer under the jump.

[ via Comic Book Movie ]

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