Meg Griffin Might Be Lois Lane?

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02.03.11 3 Comments

The new Superman movie is rapidly casting, with a new Supes nobody’s heard of, so any star power will have to come from Lois Lane.

Considering how badly Warner Brothers bobbled casting Carol Ferris, considering Eva Green was on the list and they didn’t cast her, instead going for the badly misnamed Blake Lively, everybody was worried Warners was going to screw this up too and cast Kristen Stewart.

Fortunately, we dodged that bullet; Stewart is out of the running, and now we’ve got a choice between Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis. Kunis is in the running due to her work on “Black Swan”, while Wilde is in the running because she’s hot.

We’ll probably learn who gets the role in the next few weeks, and it’ll probably be some other CW cast member. Maybe they could go for irony and cast Erica Durance.

[ via the intrepid reporters at IndieWire ]

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