Memorial Day Project: Making A 46,000 Calorie Kit-Kat Bar

Entertainment Editor
05.28.10 2 Comments

Redditor Oh, internet.  Such a cruel, fickle mistress full of cats and porn, how can I stay mad at you?).  The instructions are in the gallery below, and here’s what went into this brick of diabeetus:

  • 30 Sainsbury’s or Lindt Luxury Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • 3 ScotBloc Chocolate Cake Covering
  • 6 Loacker Quadratini chocolate wafers
  • 1 wallpaper dipping trough
  • 1 sticky backed vinyl floor tile

If you’re going to try this, don’t make the same mistake they did in forgetting to temper the chocolate so you don’t get any white streaks in it.  Or maybe you like white stuff in yo’ chocolate.  I’m not judging.


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