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Continuing the trend of canonizing Michael Jackson and completely forgetting the stuff that made him the butt of every late night show right until he died, Disneyland will be bringing back Jackson’s Captain EO 3D movie for a limited run starting in February. If you’ve managed to block it out of your childhood memories, (presumably after years and years of therapy), it’s the weirdest thing he ever did.

Let’s say that one more time for emphasis: it’s the WEIRDEST THING MICHAEL JACKSON EVER DID.

Sure it might sound good – it’s a $30 million 17-minute 3D Sci-Fi movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola, produced by George Lucas and starring Anjelica Huston. But, that doesn’t begin to describe the insanity of Jackson’s constantly shouting space hero, the scores of laser-whip wielding borg dancers and EO’s annoying elephant sidekick Hooter, who really is a complete waste of a midget.

Catch it if you can, it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to spending 17 minutes into Jackson’s tortured mind.

[Disney Parks Blog]

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