Wait, So Michael Keaton Is Back In The Running For ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’?

Despite the fact that Captain America: Civil War star Robert Downey Jr.’s casting in Spider-Man: Homecoming booted him out, it seems Michael Keaton is once again circling a major role in Marvel’s upcoming co-production with Sony Pictures, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Or at least that’s what nearly every major trade publication would have us believe during the tail end of the coveted Friday news dump. But if true, and if the man who once played Batman on the big screen might take flight in the realm of superheroes once more, then why not? Besides, if all the rumors about who Keaton would play in the webhead’s second movie reboot are accurate, then he will literally take flight.

Variety first broke the news that talks between Marvel, Sony and Keaton had resumed. All three parties were reportedly discussing the possibility of the actor’s involvement a week ago, but after news of Downey’s involvement made some headway, Keaton pulled out because Tony Stark’s price tag was just high enough to ensure that neither studio would be able to afford the Academy Award-nominated star of Birdman. Yet it seems some extra money has been found, or that all three groups have come to some kind of agreement that was enticing enough to attract the actor’s attention.

Ever since Keaton’s name was thrown into the mix, many suspected that he would play Adrian Toomes, an engineer whose more infamous moniker was that of the The Vulture. Deadline all but confirmed this when, not long after Variety‘s story broke, they reported that Keaton would in fact play the villain. Yet since neither Marvel, Sony nor Keaton have spoken publicly about the matter, whether or not the 64-year-old performer will be playing the Vulture — let alone any kind of role in Spider-Man: Homecoming — remains to be seen.

Yet with this much chatter, the man whose next major performance sees him fattening all of America with the evil that is McDonald’s is probably going to be Marvel’s next great baddie.

(Via Variety and Deadline)