Microsoft Has Finally Decided On An Xbox One Launch Date

09.04.13 5 years ago 9 Comments


Like most things about the console, the Xbox One’s release date has been subject to a lot of indecision and backtracking on Microsoft’s part — at first the console was supposed to launch alongside the PS4 on November 15th. Then it was supposed to come out a week early. Well, now an Xbox One release date has finally been locked down. When will you be able to pick up Microsoft’s new everything box? Hit the jump to find out…

November 22nd, one week after the PS4 hits shelves. The console will cost 500 bucks and comes with the new Kinect. Oh, and by the way, Microsoft is already warning that the number of Xbox Ones on shelves will be limited, so you might want to pre-order now. Then again, maybe you can just take your chances given the uh, less than enthusiastic buzz for the machine.

In another recently released tidbit, it seems Microsoft has done some last minute tinkering under the Xbox One’s hood. The console’s CPU now runs at 1.75GHZ instead of 1.6GHZ, which is totally, 100% going to be the last panicked change Microsoft makes to the Xbox One between now and launch, I’m sure.

via Destructoid

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