Mid-90s Comics Deathmatch: MacFarlane Vs. Gaiman

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08.05.10 2 Comments

Hey, remember Spawn? Like, fifteen years ago? Completely radical. He was the most popular comic book character in the world. He even got his own movie. Of course, his movie was made in the late ’90s, when CGI was still primitive and Hollywood was still making movies like “Steel” and thinking comic nerds would show up in droves, so it wasn’t that good, whatever people want to pretend (seriously people, no good can come of John Leguizamo in a fat suit). Since then, he’s made such an impression I was surprised to find the book was still in print.

Anyway, back when Spawn was a big deal, Neil Gaiman created a few characters; Medieval Spawn, who was basically Spawn with an axe, and Domina, who was another woman with huge boobs in a armor bikini and too much eye makeup in a decade of comics that was chock full of them. MacFarlane then decided he was going to create a few other characters that were…well…exactly the same and not pay Gaiman royalties for them.

At least that’s the ruling handed down by Madison, WI Judge Barbara Crabb, who ruled in favor of Gaiman, and apparently bothered to read all of the comics. As in, she actually mentions continuity points in her ruling. MacFarlane, to his credit, accepted the ruling with class, saying over Twitter that the great thing about this country is Gaiman can defend his position.

Forget settling copyright lawsuits, somebody get this woman a webcam and have her start ruling on nerd fights. “In the case of Wolverine Vs. Lobo, the court finds for…”

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