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02.17.10 13 Comments

Not you.  Just the computer. Aww, don’t look sad.  Okay, you can stay.

Oblong Industries wowed the crowd at TED 2010 with a gesture-based interface like the one in Minority Report.  The company’s co-founder, John Underkoffler, was the science advisor on the film, in fact, and based the computer on the g-speak SOE (spatial operating interface) software that MIT has been working on nearly 20 years.  Unfortunately, there’s no video of the live demo yet, but I’ve embedded a previous demo video below.  G-speak is currently compatible with Mac and Linux, and can be set for a room-sized or a single-user setting.  Oh, you know I’ve got to have this room-sized.  I just need to find a room for it.  The laundry room seems like a good choice; I’ll just yank the washer and dryer out.  Who needs clothes?  Where I’m going, we won’t need clothes. *flies away in a sweet DeLorean*

Sources: TechCrunch and CrunchGear and Captain Crunch (he knows stuff)

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