That ‘Mon Ain’t Right: Somebody Made A Pokemon-King Of The Hill Crossover

10.08.13 4 years ago

Hey, have you ever asked yourself what might happen if Pokemon crossed over with King of the Hill? Well, no, of course you haven’t, but what the hell — somebody went and put a lot of effort into a surprisingly well-animated Pokemon/King of the Hill crossover anyways.

The Internet everyone!

Not bad, although I wouldn’t have pegged Hank as a Butterfree trainer — a grass Pokemon like Bulbasaur seems more his thing. Or, uh, is there a Pokemon that runs on propane? There must be one by now, right?

Anyways, whoever made this better get working a sequel featuring a Dale Gribble/Rattata vs. Bill/Snorlax battle.

via Kotaku

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