Monty Python Are Making a New Movie. About Aliens.

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01.27.12 2 Comments

OK, OK, it’s not quite a “Monty Python” movie. It’s written by Terry Jones, who will direct, and it’s pretty much his baby entirely.

But all of the Pythons are going to be in it. They’ll be in the same room. Riffing off each other. And they’ll be playing aliens, to boot. We’re pretty sure this has triggered a nerd singularity that will either destroy all life or rip open the portal to the Cash Dimension, which is good since we think Eric Idle, so far the only one who hasn’t signed on, could use a few extra bucks.

The movie, called “Absolutely Anything”, is about aliens who give a normal guy god-like powers to watch him screw everything up. Kind of like “Bruce Almighty” except this one will actually be funny and not involve jokes about a man being anally violated by a monkey.

This makes up for so, so much, Hollywood. Seriously, if you fund this, we’ll even forgive you the first “Ghost Rider” and “Daredevil” movies. But not “Batman and Robin”.

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