More Super Bowl Spots: Thor, Super 8, Transformers, Cowboys and Aliens

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02.07.11 4 Comments

Instead of writing about each of these TV spots individually, let’s get right to it and put them all in one place.  We have here the Super Bowl TV spots for Thor, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, Cowboys & Aliens (AKA “Olivia Wilde Almost Naked: The Motion Picture”), and Super 8.  In addition, one of the links I found the Super 8 trailer through is a long interview with J.J. Abrams where he finally reveals the plot of Super 8.  Spoiler: it was a smoke monster the whole time.  Double twist: a polar bear is the smoke monster’s father . . . and his mother.  DUN DUN DUNNNNN!
All four trailers are one the next pages.  I haven’t seen this many clips since that time I job shadowed a mohel.  *slide whistle, cartwheels out of the room*

[via io9, alternate embed available at DaveandThomas, high def at Yahoo]

[via io9, alternate embed available at Moviefone]

[via io9, alternate embed available at FirstShowing]

[via io9, alternate embed available at HeroComplex]

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