Dust Off Your Console And Get A Bottle Opener Because ‘Mortal Kombat’ Is Now A Beer Brand

06.06.16 3 years ago 3 Comments
mortal kombat beer

Global Beverage Traders

Everyone’s favorite ’90s controversial fighting game, Mortal Kombat is the next video game franchise to capitalize on millennials’ love for nostalgia and their passion for craft beer. These brews will be perfect to consume while you’re rocking your Nintendo Vans or while dusting your Street Fighter statues. Well, maybe not the latter, because we know that the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter debate still runs deep.

Global Beverage Traders has announced a partnership between Warner Bros. and Washington beer makers Sound Brewery to make the beverage. Global Beverage Traders will be handling distribution. Although this beer is dripping with ’90s video game decadence, the brand launch is actually celebrating the the latest installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise, Mortal Kombat X, which was released on XBOX and Playstation last year.

Currently, there are only three beers in the product line: Sub-Zero Imperial IPA, Raiden Imperial Saison, and Scorpion Imperial Stout. Sadly, there’s no Johnny Cage inspired craft malt liquor that you know he would slap his name all over if he was given the chance.

All of the limited edition brews range between a decent 8%-8.5% ABV and are only available in a 22 ounce bomber size. And yes, if you’re seen in public drinking one of these beers, be prepared for everyone nearby asking if you’re going to “finish it.”

(Via: Global Beverage Traders)

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