My Pokemans, Let Me Show You Them for Cigarettes — Teens Arrested for Pokemon Thievery

05.17.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

I’ve never been to the clink, but perhaps one of our more uh, rogue-ish readers can enlighten me — where exactly do guys who get busted for stealing Pokemon cards rank in the prison pecking order? Pretty high I’m guessing? What if they know all the words to the Pokemon cartoon theme song? That must help.

Well, David Danforth, James J. Davis and Sean H. Nadeau will soon find out for themselves because earlier this month they got busted for stealing over 400 dollars of Pokemon cards from a Massachusetts Wal-Mart. David (who’s 19) and James and Sean (who are 18) have been charged with conspiracy and larceny. Ouch, guys, if you’re planning some ridiculous childish crime, do it when you’re still a kid and not old enough to be tried in adult court.

Hopefully these guys at least got some good cards in the packs they stole. A Mew should buy them some much-needed cred, but I have a feeling they probably just got 200 Metapods.

via Kotaku

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