NBC Kicks Wonder Woman To The Curb

Who didn’t see this coming? EW reports NBC has passed on David E. Kelly and Warner’s Wonder Woman show. Why? Well, let’s take a look back at some of our Wonder Woman coverage and see if we can crack this mystery:

  • We find out Warner Brothers and David E. Kelley are developing a Wonder Woman show to pitch to several networks.  I photoshop the picture above as a joke about David E. Kelley’s past writing credits, because it would be totally ridiculous if they made Wonder Woman a business/doctor/lawyer career woman stereotype trying to have it all, right?  Right?  Guys?
  • Every network they pitch it to turns it down.
  • NBC changes programming chiefs and takes an interest in the script. We find out they’re making Wonder Woman a business woman stereotype trying to have it all.  FML.
  • Single Female Lawyer fighting for her client, wearing sexy miniskirts, and being self-reliant. [relevant photoshop]
  • The script starts circulating and holy crap does it sound ridiculous.  Examples?  She has three identities, sings along to the radio in “several scenes”, has an ice cream pajama party with a friend, and somebody, at some point, says “You go, girl” without irony.  FML so much.
  • The casting sheet sent out to agents describes Wonder Woman as “a real woman yearning to live a normal life”.  They know she has *#!&ing superpowers and is deeply disapproving of the current ways of the world, right?
  • Adrianne Palicki is cast as Wonder Woman, giving us an excuse to post the picture of her wearing a gown and wielding a baseball bat.
  • A picture of the costume shows up online and it looks silly.
  • They change the costume, but it doesn’t prevent boobs from popping out when her stunt double’s arms are raised.
  • Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes are cast, so that’s a paycheck.

Now that NBC is passing on it, maybe this terrible script will finally be put out of its misery and Adrianne Palicki can move on to something better.  At least there will still be two porn parodies and this cosplay gallery here for us when we need them.