New Semiconductors Will Improve Cameraphones, Mirror Pics

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04.13.10 5 Comments

One day, the leaked images of auto-tuned jailbait could be that much sharper and clearer, thanks to “quantum dots.”

Quantum dots are semiconductors whose properties are closely related to the size and the shape of the individual crystals that make it up. We’ll let Wikipedia explain the rest, but among the many, many applications of them are cell-phone pictures, which we will now explain in great detail, because you’re too busy looking at the sixteen-year-old to even notice.

Essentially, the size of the dot dictates what wavelength of light it can absorb; smaller dots are more towards the red end of the spectrum while larger dots suck up the blue end of the spectrum.  What this means is that you can cram an extremely color sensitive camera into an exceptionally small space, like, say, within the cell phone that you’re using to read this while your other hand is busy, Pedobear.

It also means that the number of pixels can be substantially increased, although if you know anything about cameras, you know that more pixels doesn’t necessary mean a better image.  Which is why the fidelity of quantum dots are such great news, because you can substantially cut down on the noise.

What does this mean for you?  Well, if you read the text, you can look forward to sharper, clearer, less noisy cameras in your cell phone as we continue our relentless march towards the future.  If you were staring at the photo the entire time, you’re probably not allowed to own camera equipment by court order anyway.

[via Gizmodo]

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