New ‘Snowpiercer’ Animated Short Shows How Humanity Ends Up Stuck On A Giant Train

07.22.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

gammasquadsnowpiercerChris Evans and his axe is the only picture that will ever headline a GammaSquad ‘Snowpiercer’ post.

So, Snowpiercer — if it’s not on your radar, it probably should be. It’s being directed by the never-made-anything-not-great Bong Joon-ho (the guy behind The Host and Mother), has Tilda Swinton in it and takes place in a crazy post-apocalyptic world where the remainders of humanity all live on a giant train.

But wait, what? A giant train? How the hell did that happen? Well, a new animated featurette (well, it’s sort of animated — you’ll see what I mean) has been released, which explains how humanity found itself in its train-bound predicament. Hit the jump to check it out…

Here’s a reminder of what the actual movie looks like…

They need to get it together and announce a North American release date for this crazy thing right damn now.

via io9

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